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List for map: Walking routes Netherlands - Flanders - Santiago.

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  1. Jacobswegen in Nederland Part 1 West; 1st edition 2011; In Dutch; Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob, Bram van der Wees a.o.
    ISB 978-90-808567-3-8
    a: Den Oever - Haarlem - Amsterdam - Utrecht - Den Bosch - Postel or Roermond.
    b: Haarlem - Den Haag - Vlissingen - Brugge or Gent.
    c: Schipluiden - Dordrecht - Bergen op Zoom - Antwerp.

    Van Wad tot IJ; 1st edition 2007; In Dutch; Jan Louter.;
    ISBN 978-90-808567-4-5
    Wieringen - Haarlem - Amsterdam

    Camino des Pays-Bas; In Dutch; Edition Visioned 2009
    Haarlem - Schiedam.

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  2. Jacobswegen in Nederland Part 2 East; In Dutch; 1st edition 2011; Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob, Bram van der Wees a.o.
    ISBN 978-90-808567-5-2
    a: Hasselt - Utrecht - Breda - Antwerp,
    b: Hasselt - Doesburg - Nijmegen (connection to Millingen on Jacobspad Limburg) - Den Bosch
    c: Oldenzaal - Enschede - Doesburg.

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  3. Het Jabikspaad; In Dutch; 6th edition 2012; Friese Pers - Noordhoek;
    ISBN 90-3301163-8; Jacobiparochie - Hasselt

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  4. Het Jacobspad Groningen; In Dutch; 1st edition 2008; Stichting Jacobspad Groningen - Drenthe; ISBN 978-90-813134-1-4; Uithuizen - Hasselt

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  5. Jacobspad Limburg Tussen Rijn en Maas part 3; In Dutch; 1st edition 2004; Annette Heusch-Altenstein a.o; ISBN 978-3-7616-1674-1
    Millingen - Venlo - Roermond - Thorn - Maastricht - Eijsden

    The German version of this guide is more recent than the Dutch version: Jakobswege band 3; Bachem verlag; 2nd edition 2008;
    ISBN 978-3-7616-1673-4

    Jacobsweg Rhein-Maas-Weg; In German; Uwe Ziebold, Conrad Stein Verlag; 1st edition 2008; ISBN 978-3-86686-225-8
    Millingen - Gogh - Roermond - Eijsden - Liege

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  6. Pelgrimspad part 1; in Dutch; 4th edition 2010; ISBN 978-90-71068-83-6; and part 2; 3rd edition 2008; ISBN 978-90-71068-76-8; Wandelplatform LAW; Amsterdam - Den Bosch - Visé

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  7. Nijmegen - Köln - Trier

    Jakobswege Band 4, Nijmegen-Köln; In German; Annette Heusch-Altenstein; Bachem Verlag;
    ISBN 978-3-7616-2191-2
    Nijmegen - Kleve - Xanten - Köln

    Jakobswege Band 2, Köln-Trier; In German; Karlhein Flinspach and Annette Heusch-Altenstein; Bachem Verlag;
    ISBN 978-3-7616-2443-2;
    Köln - Kronenburg - Echternach - Trier - Schengen

    Via Coloniensis; In German; Ingrid Retterath; Conrad Stein Verlag; 1st edition 2014; ISBN 978-3-86686-241-8 Köln - Trier

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  1. Still available:
    Via Brugensis and Via Scaldea; 1st edition 2010; In Dutch; Vlaams Compostelagenootschap; ISBN 978-90-812264-2-4
    a: Sluis - Brugge - Sebourg (Brugensis)
    b: Gent - Sebourg (Scaldea)

    There is a new version (partly not yet available). It is now split up in two guides: Via Scaldea and Via Brugensis Both contain a longer route than the old one.

    Via Scaldea 2nd edition 2016; In Dutch; Vlaams Compostelagenootschap;
    Just published! This guide contains both the branch of route 10 via Gent as route 23. 2 books, one with maps and one with text.
    Vlissingen - Breskens - Gent - Tournai - Maroilles - Château-Porcien - Reims

    Via Brugensis 2nd edition 2016; Vlaams Compostelagenootschap;
    Will be published soon.. It will contain both the branch of route 10 via Brugge as route 26 until Amiens.
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  2. Via Brabantica en Via Gallia Belgica; 2nd edition 2015; In Dutch; Vlaams Compostelagenootschap; ISBN 978-90-821436-14
    This guide contains both the Via Brabantica (route 11) and the Via Gallia Belgica (route15) in two books, one with maps and one with tekst.
    Bergen op Zoom or Breda - Antwerp - Jodoigne or Nivelles
    and Nivelles - Maubeuge - St. Quentin.
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  3. Via Monastica; 2nd edition 2010; In Dutch; Vlaams Compostelagenootschap; ISBN 978-90-812264-62
    Vessem - Postel - Jodoigne - Namur - Givet - Olloy-sur-Viron - Rocroi

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  4. Via Limburgia; 1st edition 2010; In Dutch; Vlaams Compostelagenootschap; ISBN 978-90-812264-4-8
    Thorn - Tongeren - Eghezée - Namur - Givet - Rocroi

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  5. Via Mosana; in French; 2nd edition 2007; Association Belge des Amis de Saint Jacques de Compostelle
    Aachen or Maastricht - Liege - Hoei - Namur

    De weg van de Maasvallei, vertaling Via Mosana; Henk van Gaal
    translation Via Mosana into Dutch; Henk van Gaal (no maps or hostels)

    Jacobsweg Belgien: Achen - Brûly; in German Conrad Stein Outdoor 139; 1st edition 2004; ISBN 978-3-89392-539-1;
    Aachen - Liege - Namur - Brûly (Boundary Belgium and France)

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  6. Via Gallia Belgica; in French; 1st edition 1999; Association Belge des Amis de Saint Jacques de Compostelle
    Hélécine - Jodoigne - Nivelles - Maubeuge - St.Quentin

    Via Brabantica en Via Gallia Belgica; in Dutch; 2nd edition 2015; Vlaams Compostelagenootschap; This new version contains both the Via Brabantica (route 11) and the Via Gallia Belgica (route 15). See route 11.

    GR 655: Sentier vers Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle: Bruxelles-Paris-Tours; in French; FFRP topo guide ref 6551; 1st edition 2013;
    This a GR, that from time to time makes big detours compared to other guides on the same trajects. Between Brussels and Tours the differences add up to hundreds of kilometers! Very often beautifull kilometers, the makers of the GR’s rather make beautifull routes than short routes!
    Brussels - Saint-Quentin - Compiègne - Paris - Chartres - Tours or
    Paris - Orléans - Tours

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  7. Via Thiérache; in Franch; 2nd edition 2008; Association Belge des Amis de Saint Jacques de Compostelle
    Olloy-sur-Viroin - Chimay - Guise - St.Quentin

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  8. The GR 12 runs from Amsterdam to Paris. The Dutch part is formed by the Floris V pad (LAW 1-3) Amsterdam - Bergen-op-Zoom, then follows a Flemish and a Wallon part that both are described in a guide. There is no guide to the French part, but part of it is described in the Topo Guide Les GR de Picardie. Only the Wallon part is drawn on the map, because it can be used as a connection between the routes 11 and 21 :
    GR12 Bruxelles - frontiere francaise SGR 4; In French; edition 2009
    ISBN 978-2-930488-10-3

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  9. The GR 5 runs from the North sea to the French Riviera. Only the part from Maastricht to Geneva is drawn on the map. This can be used to connect routes 5 and 6 to routes 22, 34 and 35:
    Mer du Nord - Méditerranée - Tronçon Wallonie et Grand-duché de Luxembourg; GR 5; in French; Henri Corne a.o.; Liège : Les Sentiers de Grande Randonnée; edition 2009; ISBN 978-2-930488-08-0;
    Maastricht - Liege - Spa - Ouren - Diekirch

    Trekking in the Vosges and Jura and other walks; In English; Along GR 5 and GR 53 from the French-Luxemburg boundery to lake Geneva; Cicerone Press; 1st edition 2006;
    ISBN 978-1-85284-434-9

    There is a variant GR 5F, from Schengen via Nancy along the Moselle to Ballon d´Alsace. It is less mountenous then the Vosges. Described in: Les GR de Lorraine; In French; Topo Guide FFRP ref 514; 1st edition 2009;
    ISBN 978-2-7514-0330-9

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Northern France

  1. Chemin Estelle
    St Quentin - Compiègne and Compiègne - Paris. Guides (In French) made by les Amis de St. Jacques á Compiègne, downloadable on www.casajac.org
    There is a guide for St.Quentin - Compiègne, one for Compiègne - Paris, a document with an update for Compiègne - Paris and a gps-track

    GR 655: A variant of this traject is contained in: Sentier vers Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle: Bruxelles-Paris-Tours; in French; see description at route 15

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  2. Sentier de Saint-Jacques GR TopoGuide FFRP; ref. 654; in French; 4th edition 2013; ISBN 978-2-7514-0625-6;
    Namur - Rocroi - Reims - Châlons - Auxerre - Vézelay.

    A shorter route than the GR is described by a group in Reims. They use the GR, but shortcut big detours. After Reims they go via Troyes instead of via Châlons
    Via Campaniensis; Les Chemins de St Jacques de la Champagne á la Bourgogne; in French or in Dutch; Randonneurs & Pèlerins 52; 4e edition 2016; ISBN 978-2-9543565 (French) or 978-2-954-43565 (Dutch); a more simpel version in German is also available. This is only a translation of the texts to be used together with the French version.
    You can order them on www.randonneurs-pelerins.com
    On this site you can also find information about a Chaîne d’hospitalité pèlerine, sleeping adresses for pilgrims by (former) pilgrims.
    Rocroi - Reims - Sézanne - Troyes - Vézelay

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  3. Jakobsweg Marburg - Trier - Vézelay; in German;
    Bergverlag Rother; Stefanie Roth; 1st edition 2016; ISBN 978-3-86686-408-5;
    Marburg - Koblenz - Trier - Metz - Auxerre - Vézelay.

    Jakobsweg Deutschland Frankreich: Trier - Vézelay; in German;
    Conrad Stein; 2nd edition 2013; ISBN 978-3-7633-4474-1;
    Trier - Metz - Nancy - Auxerre - Vézelay.

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  4. Tournai - Reims

    A group of pilgrims from Tournai (Pèlerins St. Jacques Tournai) made, together with Les Amis des chemins de Compostelle du Nord (Northern France) a guide from Tournai to Reims. This makes a connection between routes 10 and 15, and between 10 and 21

    Livret Sur le chemin vers Santiago de Compostela Tournai-Reims; in French; Free downloadable on :
    Tournai - Sebourg - Maroilles (on route 15) - Chateau Porcien (on route 21) - Reims

    GR 122 also connects routes 10 and 15, and 10 and 21. There is no guide of this part of the GR 122.
    On www.gr-infos.com/gr122.htm you can find the traject on Google Maps. Some homework needed. I don´t know how well the red and white signposting is maintained.
    Connection between route 10 and 15 (distance about. 27 km, a bit more along the GR) or between route 10 and 21 (distance about 200 km, from the end of the GR 122 to Chateau Porcien on route 21 is a gap of about 4 km)

    The new Via Scaldea made by the Vlaams Genootschap (in Dutch) contains both a branch of route 10 as route 23. See route 10.

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  5. Les chemins de Saint Jacques de Compostelle Reims - Paris; in French; Randonneurs et pelerins 51;
    Provisional edition without overnight accommodations, but with maps and toute descriptions.
    You can order it on their website: www.randonneurs-pelerins.com
    Globaly the route follows the Marne and enters Paris along the Seine
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  6. Chemin de St. Jacques de Compostelle Paris-Sens-Vézelay; in French; Association Pèlerins de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle; Lepère Editions; ISBN 978-2-915156-423; 1e edition 2013.
    Globaly this route follows the Seine and later the Yonne.
    Parijs - Fontainebleau - Moret-sur-Loing - Sens - Villeneuve-sur-Yonne - Auxerre - Vézelay

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  7. Via Lille to Chartres and Paris

    Menin, Lille - Arras et Amiens; in French; Compostelle Nord and Compostelle Arras; in French. It consists of the following parts:

    The short traject from Menin on route 10 to Lille (23 km) is described by Compostelle Nord from Lille. Download at:www.compostelle-nord.com
    Menin- Lille

    The next bit (again 23 km) Lille - Meurchin, is not yet described in a guide. This needn’n be a problem. The Canal de la Deûle runs a bit west of Lille and then south to Meurchin and you can follow a large part of it. With a good map that should be easy!

    The largest traject, Meurchin - Amiens (120 km) is described by Compostelle Arras.
    There are 14 numbered pdf’s each describing a short traject (map and description). The last one is a map of the whole route. There is also a pdf "Hebergements" with overnight acommodations.
    Meurchin - Amiens: http://artois-compostelle.wix.com/stjac
    (Shift the page you get up a bit and click on Telechargements)
    Last update 21 juli 2014.
    Meurchin - Lens - Arras - Amiens

    The next traject, from Amiens to Epernon (on the route Paris-Chartres) and a connection to Chantilly (on the route Compiegne-Paris) comes from a group from Beauvais:
    Chemin de Compostelle Picardie-Vexin, in French; Les Amis du Beauvaisis vers Compostelle, edition 2014; downloadable booklet;
    1) Amiens - Beauvais - Mantes-la-Jolie - Epernon (on route 30, Paris-Chartres)
    2) Beauvais - Chantilly (on route 20) Distances: Amiens-Beauvais 65 km, Beauvaic-Epernon 129 km, Beauvais-Chantilly 55km;
    Last update 11 februari 2014; Download: beauvaiscompostelle.blogspot.fr

    Epernon-Chartres, in French; Association de Amis de Saint Jacques de Compostelle and Eure et Loir (COMPOSTELLE28), downloadable booklet;; Epernon - Chartres; Distance: 28 km; Download: www.compostelle28.org

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Mid and southern France

  1. Le Chemin de Paris et de Tours; in French; 2nd edition; 2010 Jacqueline Véron and Jean-Yves Gregoire; Rando Editions; ISBN 978-2-84182-463-2;
    Paris - Orléans - Tours - Saintes - Bordeaux - Dax - St.Palais - Ostabat - St.Jean-Pied-de-Port - Roncesvalles

    Lepere editions; Guide de la Voie de Tours; in French; edition 2013;
    Paris - Orléans - Tours - Saintes - Bordeaux - St.Jean-Pied-de-Port.

    Lepere editions; Guide de la Via Turonensis par Chartres; in French; edition 2012;
    Paris - Chartres - Chateaudun - Tours.

    GR 655: The itinerary Paris - Tours, both via Chartres as via Orléans, is also contained in Sentier vers Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle:
    Bruxelles-Paris-Tours; in French; see description at route 15

    Past Tours there is:
    GR 655: Sentier vers Saint Jacques Tours - Mirambeau; in French; FFRP topo guide ref 6552; 2nd edition 2014; ISBN 978-2-75140-629-4;
    Problem of this guide is that it stops at Mirambeau, about 3 days walk before Bordeaux, and that there is not yet a part 3.
    Tours - Châtellerault - Poitiers - Melle - Saintes - Mirambeau

    Variant from Saintes along the cost:

    Saintes - Royan; in French; The association Saintaise (Saintes and surroundings) has made and described this route. You can download 4 pdf´s with itinerary, maps and some suggestions for overnight stays. www.compostelle17.fr
    In Royan you take the ferry over the Gironde to Pointe de Grave.

    The Voie Littorale; In English; Judy Smith, The Confraternity of Saint James; edition 2010, (Pilgrim Guides to the Roads through France Soulac - Hendaye) Paperback or download a pdf-document of 40 pages and 11 maps in jpg (you are requested to pay a "donativo") on:
    Pointe de Grave - Soulac-sur-Mer - Biganos - Bayonne - Hendaye

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  2. There are 2 main signposted roads: the GR 654 and a pilgrims way, sustained and maintained by 5 pilgrims organisations along the route. They sometimes run together and sometimes they cross each other. The GR runs from Vézelay via La Charité and then to Nevers. In Périgueux it splits in a west branch and an east branch. The west branch is nearly equal to the pilgrims way maintained by the pilgrims organisations via La Réole to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. The east branche goes to Montréal-du-Gers.
    The pilgrims way has a variant from Vézelay via Nevers and another variant via la Charité and Bourges. After Périgueux it takes the way via La Réole.
    The GR is longer and makes more (often beautifull) detours, it is clear that the makers of the GR don’t like asfalt!

    The Vézelay route, in English and Dutch; Dutch association of Saint James; Working group “The Vézelay route”;Adaptation of the directions by the regional Associations of Saint James. Edition january 2020
    The English edition is not printed any more, but you can download the pdf. It contains both the variant via Nevers and the variant via Bourges.
    More information and links on new portal of the Vézelay route
    Vézelay - Nevers - La Chatre - Crozant
    Vézelay - La Charité - Bourges - Crozant
    Crozant - La Souterraine - Limoges - La Réole - St.Palais - St.Jean-Pied-de-Port

    GR 654: Topo Guide GR 654-2; in French; 3rd edition 2013; Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre; ISBN 978-2-7514-035-1-4;
    Vézelay - La Charité - Nevers - Limoges - Périgueux

    GR 654: Topo Guide GR 654-3; in French; 1st edition 2014; Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre;
    Périgueux - La Réole - St.Palais - St.Jean-Pied-de-Port - Roncesvalles and
    Périgueux - Montréal-du-Gers (on route 35)

    La voie de Vézelay-La via Lemovicensis; Lepere editions; In French; 3rd edition 2015; Lepere follows sometimes the GR, sometimes the pilgrims way.
    Vézelay - La Charité - Bourges or Nevers - Limoges - Périgueux - La Réole - Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

    Jakobsweg Via Lemovicensis; In German; Randalf Fügen; Outdoor 166 Conrad Stein; 3rd edition 2012; ISBN 978-3-86686-396-5; follows the pilgrims way;
    Vézelay - Bourges or Nevers - Limoges - Périgeux - St. Palais - St.Jean-Pied-de-Port

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  3. Via Rocamadour

    La Voie de Rocamadour; Bénévent-l´Abbaye - Rocamadour; in French , Rando Editions; 1e edition 2011;
    ISBN 978-2-84182-475-5

    Figeac - Rocamadour - La Romieu described as an alternative in Topo Guide GR 65-2; see route 35

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  4. Sur le chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle; Vézelay - Le Puy en Velay; in French; edition 2015; Editions Lepere;
    Follows GR 13 and GR 3

    Connection Vézelay - Le Puy; In Dutch; Henk van Gaal; 1st edition 2005; Topo Aktief Wandelreizen; Where Lepere follows the (rather hilley) GR 3, van Gaal chooses a flatter varriant whith more pilgrim history, at first through the valley of the Loire, than connecting to the route via Cluny to Le Puy-en-Velay.
    The guide consists of:
    -a translation from the French itinerary Auxerre - Signal de Mont fromTopo-Guide GR13/GR 131 Traversee du Morvan (FFRP, 7th edition 2000),
    - a traject he made up himself through the valley of the Loire to La Bénisson-Dieu (on the route Cluny - Lepuy),
    - and a translation from French of the itinerary Cluny - Le Puy-en Velay from the guide made by Chamina éditions (see route 34);
    no maps or hostels.

    Connection Vézelay - Cluny: If you want to go from Vézelay to Le Puy-en-Velay via Cluny you can use a guide in French of the route Vézelay – Asisi (in Italy). On the site of the Association CHEMINS d’ASSISE you can become a member of the association, and then you can download the guide. After Cluny you can use one of the guides mentioned at route 34.

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  5. Französischer Jakobsweg Von Straßburg bis Le Puy-en-Velay; in German; 1st edition 2009; Renate Florl; Bergverlag Rother;
    ISBN 978-3-7633-4366-9
    Straßburg - Belfort - Cluny - Le Puy-en-Velay

    For Straßburg - Cluny you can also choose: Der Jakobsweg im Elsass Speier-Belfort; in German;
    Jakobsweg-Team Winnenden; ISBN 978-3-00-022723-3;
    Speier - Wissemburg - Straßburg - Belfort and:

    Der jakobsweg Breisach - Taizé/Cluny; in German
    Jakobsweg-Team Winnenden;
    ISBN 978-3-9812350-2-9;
    with alternative via Taizé;
    Breisach - Thann - Belfort - Gy - Beaune - Cluny,

    Jakobsweg Trier-Le Puy; in German; 1st edition 2009; Ingrid Retterath; Conrad Stein Verlag; ISBN 978-3-86686-211-1; Trier - Metz - Cluny - Le Puy-en-Velay

    From Cluny also: Les Chemins de St. Jacques de Compostelle, de Cluny aux Puy-en-Velay et de Lyon aux Puy-en-Velay; in French; Chamina éditions; edition 2004; ISBN 978-2-844660-56-5

    For the itinerary Cluny - Le Puy-en-Velay there is a useful little book with overnigth stays and other facilities made by the association of Saint James in the area:
    Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Cluny au Puy-en-Velay, Renseignements practiques; Chemins de Compostelle en Rhône-Alpes; Bilingual in French and German; Every year a new version; order at amis-st-jacques.org or for sale at the tourist office in Cluny.

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  6. The way of Le Puy

    FFRP ref. 650 Sentier vers Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle:
    TopoGuide; in French; GR 65; 4th edition 2016;
    Genève - Le Puy-en Velay

    Jakobsweg Via Gebennensis; in German; Hartmut Engel, Conrad Stein Verlag;
    8th edition 2012; ISBN 978-3-86686-340-8;
    Genève - Le Puy-en-Velay

    Franse St. Jacobsroute; Van Le Puy tot de Pyreneeën; in Dutch 1st> edition 2008;
    Heinrich Wipper; ANWB wandelgids;
    ISBN 978-90-18-02744-5;
    Le Puy - St.Jean-Pied-de-Port

    Topo Guide GR 65-1, GR 65-2 and GR 65-3; 3 volumes, in French; Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre; 3rd edition 2004 - 2006; ISBN 978-2-7514-0137-4, 978-2-7514-0138-1 and 978-2-7514-0015-5; in volume 2 alternative (detour) via Rocamadour
    a: Le Puy - Conques - Figeac - Cahors - Moissac - la Romieu - Condom - Montréal-du-Gers - St. Palais - Ostabat - St.Jean-Pied-de-Port – Roncevaux
    b: Figeac - Rocamadour - Agen - la Romieu

    Lepere editions; Guide de la Voie du Puy; in French; edition 2015;
    Le Puy-en-Velay - Conques - Moissac - St.Jean-Pied-de-Port.

    Französischer Jakobsweg Via Podiensis von Le Puy-en-Velay bis zu den Pyrenäen; in German (there is a version in French too)
    3rd edition 2012; Bettina Forst; Bergverlag Rother;
    ISBN 978-3-7633-4350-8; with branche to Oloron and Somport pass

    Jakobsweg Via Podiensis; in German; Norbert Rother, Conrad Stein Verlag; 8th edition 1012; ISBN 978-3-86686-287-6;
    Le Puy-en-Velay - Conques - Moissac - St.Jean-Pied-de-Port.

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  7. GR 70, Connection Le Puy - Arles
    Le Chemin de Régordane, Topo Guide ref 7000; In French; Le Puy-en-Velay - St Gilles (West of Arles on the route to Oloron)

    Frankreich: Régordaneweg GR 700; in german; Véronique Kämper; Conrad Stein Verlag Outdoor; in German;
    ISBN 978-3-86686-362-0; 1st edition 2013
    Le Puy-en-Velay - St Gilles - Arles

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  8. Arles - Oloron-Ste.Marie - Col-du-Somport

    Le Chemin d`Arles, Vers Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle: La Voie du Sud; in French, Louis Laborde-Balen, Jean Pierre Siréjol;
    ISBN 978-2-84182-378-9; 1st edition 2009
    Arles - Montpellier - Toulouse - Auch - Montesquiou - Morlaàs - Oloron-Sainte-Marie - Col-du-Somport - Jaca - Sangüesa - Puente-la-Reina

    Topo Guide GR 653 Arles - Jaca; in French. 2 volumes: Arles - Toulouse; ref 6533 ISBN 978-2-7514-0424-5 and Toulouse - Pau - Oloron-Ste.Marie - Jaca, width variant via Lourdes; ref 6534 ISBN 978-2-7514-0425-2; both 1th edition 2010

    Lepere editions; Guide de la Voie d´Arles; in French; edition 2009; Arles - Toulouse - Col du Somport - Jaca - Puente la Reina.

    Pilgrim Guides to the Roads through France 4; part 1 Arles - Toulouse and part 2 Toulouse - Puenta la Reina; in English; Michael Gaches; Confraternity of Saint James; 2nd edition 2011

    Via Tolosana: Arles - Col-du-Somport; in German; Norbert Rother, Outdoor nr 162, Conrad Stein; ISBN 978-3-86686-162-6; 2nd edition 2011
    Arles - Montpellier - Toulouse - Auch - Montesquiou - Morlaàs - Oloron-Sainte-Marie - Col-du-Somport

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  9. Connections Western pyrennees Those who want to go from St Jean-Pied-de-Port to the Spanish Costal road, or from Lourdes to Oloron-Ste Marie or to St Jean-Pied-de Port can find descriptions on the site of the regional Amis de st. Jacques (In French):
    St.Jean-Pied-de-Port - Irun (= starting point coastal route): you can download here a description of each stage

    For Lourdes - Oloron - St Jean-Pied-de-Port you can find the stages here

    A dutch translation by Arno Cuppen of the route description can be downloaded : here
    The same translation and the maps are also available in a booklet. Information and orders on: hansenhilde@hotmail.com

    Chemin de St-Jean-Pied-de-Port à Irun; Gerard Rousse; in French; edition 2012;
    ISBN 978-2-9528706-3-4

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  1. Camino Frances, St.Jean-Pied-de-Port - Santiago de Compostela

    Te voet naar Santiago de Compostela, Paco Nadal; Elmar; Dutch translation of Spanish guide. 1st edition 2008;
    ISBN 978-90-389-1838-9.
    St. Jean - Santiago en Col du Somport - Puenta-la-Reina.

    Spaanse St. Jacobsroute, ANWB wandelgids; Dietrich Höllhuber, Dutch translation of German guide ; 5th edition 2012;
    ISBN 978-90-18-03423-8;
    St. Jean-Pied-de-Port - Santiago and
    Col du Somport - Puenta la Reina.

    The Road to Santiago; English translation from Spanish; José Maria Anguita Jaén; Editorial Everest; 3rd edition 2007; ISBN 978-84-241-0420-7 whith set of route maps.
    The (Spanish) editor has on his website a successor of this edition:
    The Way of St. James; English translation from Spanish (there is also a spanish-, a german- and a french edition); José Maria Anguita Jaén; Editorial Everest; 1st edition 2010; ISBN 978-84-441-3146-7

    A pilgrim´s guide to the Camino de Santiago; in English; John Brierley; Findhorn press; A Practical & Mystical Manual for the Modern Day Pilgrim; edition 2013; ISBN: 978-1-84409-589-6;
    St. Jean - Roncesvalles - Santiago

    Camino de Santiago, Maps; John Brierley; detailed maps belonging to A pilgrim´s guide to the Camino de Santiago; in english, french and spanish; edition 2013; ISBN: 978-1-84409-599-5;
    St. Jean - Roncesvalles - Santiago - Finisterre - Muxia

    Jakobsweg Camino Francés; in German; Michael Kasper en Raimund Joos, Conrad Stein Verlag; 15th edition 2012; ISBN 978-3-86686-381-1;
    St. Jean - Roncesvalles - Santiago - Finisterre

    Spanischer Jakobsweg; Cordula Rabe; in german; Bergverlag Rother; 8th edition 2013; ISBN 978-3-7633-4330-0;
    There are (also edited by Rother) translations in english (3rd edition 2013, ISBN 978-3-7633-4835-0), french (3rd edition 2013, ISBN 978-3-7633-4929-6) and spanish (3rd edition 2013, ISBN 978-3-7633-4702-5)
    St. Jean - Santiago - Finisterre - Muxía
    Somport pas - Puente la Reina

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  2. Camino Aragonés; Jaca - Puente-la-Reina

    Is comprised in:
    -Le Chemin d’Arles (see route 36)
    -Te voet naar santiago de Compostela en Spaanse St. Jacobsroute (see route 40)

    on the website: caminodesantiago.consumer.es
    you can find a number of routes in Spain, a.o. the Camino Aragonés. From there you can find the 6 etappes of this route, where you find maps and descriptions (in Spanish)

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  3. Pilgrim guides to Spain; The tunnel route; in English; Tony Roberts and Eric Walker; Revised edition 2010; pdf-version to print downloadable from Confraterny of Saint James (you are requested to pay a "donativo")
    Irún - Tolosa - Vitoria-Casteiz - Haro - Santo Domingo de la Calzada

    Jakobsweg Durch den Tunnel von San Adrian - Weg der Transhumanz; in German; Michael Kasper; Conrad Stein Outdoor 149
    ISBN 978-3-89392-549-0; 1st edition 2005
    Irun or San Sebastian - Vitoria-Casteiz - Haro - Santo Domingo de la Calzada

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  4. Camino del Norte(costal road)

    Te voet naar Santiago de Compostela; Kustroute/Primitivo; Paco Nadal; Elmar; Dutch translation of Spanish guide;
    ISBN 978 90 389 1984 3; 1st edition 2010.
    a: Camino del Norte (costal road) Irun - Bilbao - Santander - Gijón - Ribadeo - Sobrado de los Monjes - Arzua (on Camino Francés) - Santiago
    b: De Camino Primitivo: Villaviciosa (on coastal road) - Oviedo - A Fonsagrada – Lugo - Melide (op de Camino Francés) - Arzua
    c: Camino Fisterre: Santiago - Finisterre

    Der Küstenweg; Michael Kasper & Michael Moll; Conrad Stein Outdoor 71; in German; ISBN 978-3-86686-071-1; 7th edition; 2008
    Irun - Bilbao - Santander - Gijón - Ribadeo - Sobrado de los Monjes - Arzua (on Camino Francés) - Santiago

    Le Chemin Côtier - Camino del Norte; Jean-Yves Grégoire, Françoise Pinquet; in French; ISBN 978-2-84182-428-1;
    2nd edition 2010. After Oviedo Camino Primitivo:
    Bayonne - Irun - San Sebastian - Bilbao - Santander - Oviedo - A Fonsagrada - Lugo - Santiago - Finisterre.

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  5. Camino del Salvador (León - Oviedo) and Camino Primitivo (Oviedo - Lugo - Melide)
    together form a challenging and mountainous detour on the last part of the way to Santiago. Traditionaly to worship in Oviedo El Salvador (the Saviour) in the kathedral of the same name before going to Santiago. Modern pelgrims (with mountain experience!) can do the detour to follow this tradition or to avoid (part of) the busy last part of the Camino Frances.
    The Camino Primitivo can also be used as an alternative for the last part of the Camino del Norte (route 43)

    Pilgrims guides to Spain: Camino del Salvador; in English, Rebekah Scott e.a.; Confraterny of Saint James; 2010;
    pdf-version to print downloadable (you are requested to pay a "donativo") from Confraterny of Saint James
    León - la Robla - Mieres - Oviedo

    Spanish website gronze.com

    Camino Primitivo; guide in dutch; Hans de Breul; 5e edition 2013;
    You can order it on: hansenhilde@hotmail.com
    Information about this guide (in dutch) you can find on: pelgrimsgidsen.nl
    Colombres(on the costal road) - LLanes - Ribadessella - Oviedo - Lugo - Santiago - Finisterre

    Jakobsweg Camino Primitivo; in German; Raimund Joos and Michael Kasper, Conrad Stein Verlag; 4rd edition 2012; ISBN 978-3-86686-382-8; Villaviciosa (on coastal road) - Oviedo - A Fonsagrada - Lugo - Melide (on Camino Francés) - Arzua - Santiago - Finisterre

    Described as an alternative in: Te voet naar Santiago de Compostela; Kustroute/Primitivo; Paco Nadal; (see route 43)

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  6. Camino de Invierno;

    The Camino de Invierno: in English, Rebekah Scott; Confraternity of Saint James;
    Edition 2011; Pdf-version downloadable on Confraternity of Saint James
    (no maps) Ponferrada - Lalín(A Laxe) - Santiago

    Camino de Santiago, Guía del camino de Invierno; in Spanish; José D. Rúa Perez; A Pena D´Agua Edicions; order on: guiacaminodeinvierno@gmail.com with maps
    Ponferrada - Santiago

    There is a spanish website about this route: (camino de invierno) with maps, heigth profiles and elaborate descriptions od each etape; in Spanish;
    Ponferrada - Lalín(A Laxe)
    See for Lalín(A Laxe) - Santiago: route 46

    The camino de Invierno can be an alternative for the busy last part of the Camino Frances.
    It´s name (invierno = winter) comes from the fact that in winter the circumstances on the heigh pass at Cebrero can be rather bad in winter. Than this somewhat lower route can be an alternative.

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  7. Vía de la Plata / Mozarabischer Jakobsweg; in German; Raimund Joos en Michael Kasper; Conrad Stein Verlag; Sevilla - Granja de Moreruela - Astorga en
    Granja de Moreruela - Ourense - Santiago

    Blik op oneindig; guide in dutch for pilgrims on the Via de la Plata; Hans de Breul; 9e edition 2012;
    Order by e-mail on: hansenhilde@hotmail.com
    Information about this guide (in dutch) you can find on: pelgrimsgidsen.nl
    Sevilla - Granja de Moreruela and
    Granja de Moreruela - Ourense - Santiago

    Vía de la Plata; Jakobsweg von Sevilla nach Santiago de Compostela; in German Cordula Rabe; Bergverlag Rother;
    ISBN 978-3-7633-4333-1; 2nd edition 2011; Sevilla - Riego del Camino - Ourense - Sea - Santiago en
    Riego del Camino - Astorga - Santiago - Finisterre - Muxia

    This of coarse is not a route from the Northern countries to Santiago.
    I mention it here because you can use it to avoid the busy last part of the Camino Frances: Take from Astorga the Eastern branche against the intended direction to Granja de Moreruela and then take the Western branche to Santiago.

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  8. Camino Finisterre

    A pilgrim´s guide to the Camino Finisterre; bilingual English/Spanish; John Brierley; Findhorn press;
    A Practical & Mystical Manual for the Modern Day Pilgrim; ISBN 978-1-84409-590-2; edition 2013.
    a: Santiago - Negreira - Olveiroa - Fisterra.
    b: Fisterra - Muxia - Negreira

    For maps see Camino de Santiago, Maps;(route 40)

    See route 43: Camino Fisterre is comprised in in Te voet naar Santiago de Compostela, Kustroute/Primitivo and in Le Chemin Côtier

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